FCSSC Offerings

FCSSC operates year-round with four distinct seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall!

  • Most offerings are co-ed (minimum #'s of men/women where applicable).
  • All sports are self-officiated (no referees).
  • All offerings are first and foremost FOR FUN!
    • All of FCSSC's leagues include SPIRIT POINTS in the calculation of scores. Only teams that play by the rules, are super sportsmanlike and fun to play against will raise to the top of the standings!
  • Register a full team, with a few friends, or sign up as an individual
    • Winter runs from January to May (online registration opens in November) 
    • Spring runs from April to May (online registration opens in February) 
    • Summer runs from May to August (online registration opens in March)  
    • Fall runs from September to December (online registration opens in July).

The chart below may not be accurate. CLICK HERE FOR FCSSC'S CURRENT OFFERINGS!