COVID Safe Play Guidelines

FCSSC is committed to complying with Ontario's COVID Roadmap to Re-Opening, as well as the local public health unit requirements, to ensure the safety of our members, staff and facility providers at all times. All players are asked to read the following BEFORE PLAYING.

FCSSC will work with our facility providers to ensure that:

  • Occupancy does not exceed 50% of the maximum capacity of any indoor play space, per Roadmap requirements;
  • Gathering limit does not exceed 25 people per indoor game space (game space = 1 court/field shared by 2 teams);
  • Equipment, play spaces and washrooms are cleaned and disinfected as frequently as is necessary to maintain a sanitary condition;
  • Members, Instructors and Game Coordinators are wearing masks or face coverings that cover their mouth, nose and chin indoors, as required;
  • Everyone is reminded to keep a physical distance of at least two metres from others (except for other members of their household);
  • Prevent gathering or crowding in indoor spaces (such as at entrances & exits);
  • Contact tracing requirements are met through roster management and waiver signing processes;
  • Spectator limits and requirements are respected;
  • We remain in compliance with any newly-introduced, government-mandated COVID safety requirements, such as the need to provide proof of vaccination to enter/participate. Therefore, we strongly recommend that only vaccinated individuals register for league play.
  • FCSSC's NO CONTACT, all-for-fun, super-sportsmanlike approach to play is enforced.

FCSSC is prioritizing the safety of our members & staff, and leaning into the SAFETY-FIRST & FOR-FUN promise that we have made to members for over 12 years. Please BE KIND & RESPECTFUL, always, to other members & staff when playing with us. Everyone has had a different experience with COVID and we need to be considerate of others’ realities. FCSSC’s mandatory COVID-19 protocols were established to ensure everyone’s safety. A zero-tolerance policy remains in place for those who fail to follow the rules. 

FCSSC strongly encourages all participants to be double vaccinated before participating. The vaccination rate in Ontario is the trigger for progressing through the steps of the Roadmap to Re-Opening. The higher our vaccination rate is, the safer our community is and the quicker restrictions on team sports (and more!) will be lifted. Please, do it for our community and #DoIt4Sport.

Players must:

  • Read and follow the posted COVID Safe Play guidelines.
  • Respect and follow all posted signage at the facility including those related to self-screening, sanitation, prohibited items & actions, and traffic flow.
  • Complete Ontario's COVID-19 Customer Screening every game day. Players who feel unwell and/or do not pass the screening must stay home.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 2-meters before, during and after all activities/games, whether indoors or out. This includes arriving on-site, resting/sitting on the sidelines, and departing the game. Players are asked to respect this requirement, as much as possible, during game play. Please give space, play zone rather than player-on-player defense, and/or stay in your position (do not encroach on others’ play space).
  • Wear masks indoors, while entering/exiting a facility, using the washrooms, and/or while on the sidelines. Masks are not required indoors during game play, while engaged in rigorous physical activity.
  • Use the hand sanitizing stations at all game locations.

In order to facilitate contact tracing, Team Captains must add all SUBS to their roster in the FCSSC system. Using the same process as adding players to your roster preseason, Captains can invite SUBS to join their team roster. Through this process SUBS will provide their contact information to FCSSC and sign the waiver electronically. Quick & easy for everyone! Even with SUBS on the team roster, teams may only bring the recommended number of roster members to the court/field each week to ensure that FCSSC games/events comply with gathering limits. For example, a REC 6s volleyball team may have 8 players on their team but 10 people on their roster in the FCSSC system, including 2 SUBS. Only 8 people can come to the gym each week to play.
Should it be necessary, FCSSC will pause or cancel play for a class, league or pool if required to comply with changing requirements or restrictions. Please read FCSSC's COVID Credit Policy before registering.

**FCSSC reserves the right to change/update these guidelines as necessary, to ensure that we are in compliance with all government and local health authority rules and recommendations.**