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Bowling @ Fleetway *NEW*

WINTER 2021 League Details:
REMEMBER: Registration deadline for WINTER 2021 is January 4, 2021!  

Payment must be received in full by the deadline to secure a spot in the league/program of your choice! 
FCSSC offers 3 ways to play: 
1) Register a full team. 
2) Register as an individual & we will place you on a team with other individuals.
3) Register as a small group (register as an individual & request to play with friends. We will place you & your friends on a team with other individuals or small groups).

Safe Return to Play

Bowling teams have a max roster of 4 players and a limit of 3 teams in this league in order to comply with the government regulations limiting organized activities to 12 people. Individuals will play with the same teammates for the entirety of the season to limit contact.

All players must complete the Self-Screening, use the provided hand sanitizer, and comply with all contact tracing protocols upon arrival at the facility.

Players must follow all COVID safety signage at Fleetway. 

There must be no contact between players at any time. All participants must stay 6 feet apart at all times, including before, during and after games.

All participants must wear a face mask upon arrival, during play and departure from Fleetway. Masks are mandated by the MLHU for all indoor activities.

All teams must assign a Health Ambassador who will be named Co-Captain and who will monitor and assist members of his/her own team to follow the rule modifications, as well as FCSSC's Safe Return to Play Guidelines.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available all around the lanes. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own.

All equipment will be sanitized regularly by Fleetway staff before, during and after league play.

All other Safe Return to Play Guidelines must also be followed. Please read.

What to Expect

Players in this 10-PIN, coed, for-fun league are a mix of new and experienced players, with varying skill levels. Expect fun and a few turkeys!

Bowling shoes included.

You're playing for bragging rights! Game scores will be kept by the automated system at Fleetway each week but no standings will be kept for this activity.

League Dates

Starts: Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Ends: Wednesday, February 3, 2021
All scheduled games will be played on Wednesdays*.

Total Weeks 4 weeks

Game Times

Games are 1.5 hours in length. Each week we will play from 7-8:30pm. Should be plenty of time for 2 games!



More Details

Click the SPORT INFORULES & LOCATION  tabs (scroll up!) for many more details about this league/program, including equipment requirements and play spaces.


*Please review our updated refund policy here before completing your registration.*


Skill Level Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Open :

Prices before taxes

Sport Info

Spirit of the League This is a for-fun, super-social league. Best suited to Alley Cats and Pin Pals (rather than King Pins!)
League Format Each week we will play for 1 hour. Each player's score will be kept by the automated scoring system at Fleetway. You're playing for bragging rights each night!

Number of People on a Lane

4 participants. Max 12 payers in the league (3 lanes).


Registration includes bowling shoes.

Age & Waivers All players MUST be 19 years of age or older, no exceptions.
All players MUST sign a waiver before playing, no exceptions. Signing the waiver on-line is super easy, just follow the steps during registration & checkout.




             Bowling Rules      

1. Pre-Game – Spirit Points, Equipment, Game Time, Defaults, Fields

Play that is competitive, overly aggressive, rough and/or unsportsmanlike such as pushing, shoving, elbowing, shouldering, tripping, hacking, slashing, sliding, tackling, ball blasting, chirping, name calling, threats and intimidation, is prohibited and will not be tolerated by FCSSC.  FCSSC IS FIRST-AND-FOREMOST-FOR-FUN. ANY ROUGH OR PHYSICAL PLAY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE GAME, THE LEAGUE, THE CLUB AND/OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.  All players should go out of their way to avoid contact with other players and/or eliminate actions or behaviours that could jeopardize player safety.  If accidental contact occurs it is expected that players will apologize for that contact, ensure everyone is alright and stop the game to seek appropriate help as required.  THIS RULE SUPERSEDES ALL OTHERS!

Spirit Points: An integral part of all the sports that the Forest City Sport & Social Club offers. It is based on the primary focus of the FCSSC, which is sportsmanship and to have FUN...NOT on competitive and aggressive sport.

Equipment/Set-Up: FCSSC Game Coordinators will provide all Bowling equipment at the Bowling Lanes (Shoes, Balls, etc). 

Game Time/Defaults:  

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can get the proper equipment and start your games on time. Games are 1.5 hours in length, and a maximum of 2 games are to be played in that time.
  • Teams are comprised of five (5) or six (6) players; however a team can play with a minimum of four (4) players.
  • A default will occur if any team cannot field the minimum requirement of players by 15 minutes after the official start time.  Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum players, and should be decided before the game starts. IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS!

2. In Game – General Rules, Lingo, Scoring & Foul Rules

General Rules

1. Teams will be assigned a lane by an FCSSC Game Coordinator.

2. Begin the game by determining the bowling order. Bowler #1, Bowler #2, etc.  The order must stay the same for all games played that night. The order of the bowlers can be whatever you would like it to be and can change from week to week.

3. Each team will bowl in their respective lanes, and must have one person bowling at all times. It is important to keep the games moving or you will not fit in 2 games. As much as is possible, Bowlers #1 from each team should bowl at the same time, Bowlers #2, Bowlers, #3, etc.  Once that pairing has bowled their frame, the next set of bowlers goes.

4. Substitute players are allowed during regular season play only (no subs during play-offs).  All subs must sign the FCSSC waiver before playing.

Bowling Lingo:

  • GAME (string): A game shall consist of ten frames (boxes) in each of which three balls shall be rolled, except when a player scores a strike or spare, called marks.
  • STRIKE: A "strike" occurs when ten pins are downed with the first ball. To score a strike, the bowler receives ten plus the number of pins downed by the next two balls rolled by that bowler.
  • SPARE: A "spare" occurs when ten pins are downed with the first two balls. To score a spare the bowler receives ten plus the number of pins downed by the next ball rolled by that bowler.
  •  NO MARK: When three balls are rolled, the bowler receives credit for the total number of pins knocked down in the frame.

Scoring in Bowling:

  • Week 1 – What’s your Average?  team total score is averaged
  • Week 2 – You’re too good!  highest score is thrown out and the remainder are averaged.
  • Week 3 – We’ll get’em next week! lowest score is thrown out and the remainder are averaged.
  • Week 4 – Guess who’s good! Team total is averaged and then 5 pts added for strikes thrown by 4 pre-determined players.
  • Week 5 – Double Bagger! Team total is averaged and then 10 pts given for each time 2 players throw consecutive strikes (ie Colin throws strike, Kyla throws a strike)
  • Week 6 – Turkey Dance!  Team totals are averaged and then 100 pts are added for any player who throws 3 strikes in a row (A true “Turkey”)

Foul Rules:

  1. Bowlers must release the ball before the foul line.
  1. Foul Line Rule: A player in delivering the ball must not let his action cause him to slide over, step on or over the foul line, nor permit any part of his body or clothing to come in contact with the lanes, gutters, ball returns, division boards, walls, uprights or floors which are beyond the foul line, at any time after the ball passes over and beyond the foul line, nor until he shall have picked up a ball and completed his succeeding delivery, under penalty of foul. (See foul line and lob line penalty).
    1. Any object which falls from the pocket or person of a bowler shall not constitute a foul.
    2. Bowlers are not allowed beyond the foul line under any circumstances.
    3. When a bowler, while in possession of a ball accidentally fouls while taking a practice slide, the bowler will lose that ball. The penalty is the same as the foot foul rule.
    4. Lob line rule: Bowling is a game of rolling, not throwing balls. Any ball that does not, in its forward motion, touch the playing area before the lob line, shall be considered a lobbed ball and shall suffer the foul penalty. See FOUL LINE AND LOB LINE PENALTIES BELOW. Note continuous infractions of this rule will result in disqualification.
    5. Foul line and lob penalties are the same as for gutter balls.
    6. Cleared Gutters: Both gutters must be cleared of any pins or balls before the first ball is delivered in any frame. The penalty is the same as if the first ball is a foul.
    7. Deliberate Fouls:
      1. Any bowler who deliberately rolls two balls simultaneously will score a zero for the frame.
      2. Bowler abusing the equipment or premises shall be warned and if a second offense occurs, the bowler shall be removed from the league.
      3. Pinsetter in Motion: No ball shall be delivered before the setting machine has completed its cycle. Penalty shall be the same as GUTTER BALLS.
      4. Foot Fouls: In any case where an electric foul light unit becomes inoperative, the scorekeeper shall also act as the foul line judge.

3. Post-Game – Score Reporting, Spirit Points, Departure

Score Reporting:  Captains from each team are responsible for reporting or confirming game scores within 48 hours of the completion of the game.   Scores can be reported or confirmed via our website at

Spirit Points: Captains are also responsible for submitting a “Spirit” score for the opposing team each week.  This is done when the score is reported or confirmed on the FCSSC website.  Spirit points allow you to score your opponent based on your experience playing against them.  You can score them based on how fun they were to play against, did they show good sportsmanship, did they follow and know the rules, did they arrive on time etc.   All teams should shoot for PERFECT Spirit Points! 

Departure:  Each week after your game, it is important to leave the lanes in a timely manner.   Teams could be playing after you and will need to get their game started on time.   It is also possible that the facility could be closing upon the completion of your game and all staff and FCSSC members will need to depart the building at that time. 


This striking league is back by popular demand and will take place at Fleetway located at 720 Proudfoot Lane.