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Inner Tube Water Polo

Inner Tube Water Polo is a fun sport that most people never play growing up. Try something new this season! Individual registrations only. It's a great way to meet new people!

Winter 2018 League Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Registration deadline January 1, 2018! Sign up today!
Payment must be received in full by the deadline to secure a spot in the league/program of your choice!

What to Expect Players in this co-ed league are a mix of new and experienced players, with varying skill levels, all playing with a for-fun attitude. Individual registration only. Teams are drawn at random each week. No standings or scoreboards, just self-officiated fun! All you have to do is show up in your swimsuit, ready to play! 

League Dates

Starts: Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Ends: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
All games will be played on Tuesdays.*
*No games on March 13 (March Break).

Total Weeks

14 weeks

Game Times Games start at 7:45pm.  Each week we will play for 45 minutes.

Individual: $195.00

More Details

Click the SPORT INFO, RULES & LOCATION tabs (scroll up!) for many more details about this league/program, including equipment requirements and play spaces.

Kick Off Party Thursday, January 4, 2018 is the Winter Kick-Off Party. Details will be sent to all paid registrants once registration is closed.  Mark your calendar! 


Receive 10% off your second sport, 20% off your third sport and 30% off your fourth sport registration this winter! Cannot be combined with the early bird discount.

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To register, click your week night and skill level choice on the grid below.

Pick & pay for the league of your choice by clicking on the appropriate link in the grid below. Secure your spot before it sells out!

IMPORTANT: All players must be 19 years or older to play with FCSSC, no exceptions.

Prices before taxes.  Registrations fully refundable BEFORE the registration deadline. Click to review FCSSC’S REFUND POLICY.

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Skill Level Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Prices before taxes

Sport Info

Spirit of the League This is a RECREATIONAL, FOR-FUN, league. Please review FCSSC's Conduct Policy before registering.
League Format Inner Tube Water Polo will run as a HAT LEAGUE. 'Hat League' means that teams will be made up each week, pool-side, just before game time. Though there are no league standings kept, hat leagues are a great way to ensure everyone who wants to play gets the chance to, while maximizing the opportunity for all league participants to meet one another and play together. This league sells out at 18, so sign up today!

Number of People on Court

At least 2 females, at least 2 males, 5 players total including the goalie.

Recommended Roster Size

7-9 players. Because of gender minimum requirements we suggest at least 3 males and 3 females (do as you please with the rest!) on your team.


All (non-personal) sport equipment provided by FCSSC.
Players must wear appropriate sport swimwear. No street clothes or string bikinis permitted in the pool.  See RULES for regulation equipment details.

Age & Waivers

All players MUST be 19 years of age or older, no exceptions.
All players MUST sign a waiver before playing, no exceptions. Signing the waiver on-line is super easy, just follow the steps during registration & checkout.




   Inner Tube Water Polo Rules  

1. Pre-Game – Spirit Points, Equipment, Game Time, Defaults, Fields

Play that is competitive, overly aggressive, rough and/or unsportsmanlike such as pushing, shoving, elbowing, shouldering, tripping, hacking, slashing, sliding, tackling, ball blasting, chirping, name calling, threats and intimidation, is prohibited and will not be tolerated by FCSSC.  FCSSC IS FIRST-AND-FOREMOST-FOR-FUN. ANY ROUGH OR PHYSICAL PLAY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE GAME, THE LEAGUE, THE CLUB AND/OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.  All players should go out of their way to avoid contact with other players and/or eliminate actions or behaviours that could jeopardize player safety.  If accidental contact occurs it is expected that players will apologize for that contact, ensure everyone is alright and stop the game to seek appropriate help as required.  THIS RULE SUPERSEDES ALL OTHERS!

Spirit Points: An integral part of all the sports that the Forest City Sport & Social Club offers. It is based on the primary focus of the FCSSC, which is sportsmanship and to have FUN...NOT on competitive and aggressive sport. 

Equipment/Set-Up: Equipment for each game will be provided to you at the games. Please ensure that team members have appropriate swim attire and do have a shower before entering the pool deck.  While at the pool, members must abide by all the rules stipulated at the facility.

Game Time/Defaults:  

  • Please arrive 20 minutes early so that you can start your games on time. Games are 45 minutes long, divided into 2, 20-minute halves with a 5-min halftime in between. Please agree on one person to act as timekeeper.
  • Teams are comprised of five (5) players, including the goalie, with a minimum of two (2) women and two (2) men on at all times (do what you want with the fifth player).
  • A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad by 10 minutes after the official start time. A team can play with a minimum of 4 people, as long as one (1) of the players is a woman and one (1) is a man.
  • Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding gender minimums and/or the minimum number of players in the pool but this should be decided before the game starts. It is the responsibility of the team that is short players to negotiate this agreement.  If no agreement is made, the game counts.  IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS!

2. In Game – General Rules, Fouls, Goalies & The Goalie Zone 

General Rules:

  1. The Game begins with all five players from each team lined up against their respective walls. The ball is then thrown into the centre by a player or event coordinator. Once the ball is released, play begins.
  2. The ball, in its entirety, must be clearly in the net, over the line, in order for the goal to count.  Each goal is worth 1 point.
  3. Substitutions may be made at any time after a point is scored or there is a stoppage in play. No substitutions on the fly!
  4. Offensive players are not allowed to enter the goalie zone (5 feet in front of the net, for the width of the pool) unless they have possession of the ball or someone with possession of the ball has already entered the area (comparable to an off-side rule) Defensive players may enter the Goalie Zone to help defend from scoring.
  5. When two opposing players are battling for possession for the ball for more than 3 seconds, with no one player having clear possession, play will be stopped by calling “break”. The ball will then be given to the player on defence who must then pass the ball, they cannot shoot.
  6. Tackling occurs when a defensive player dumps an offensive player from his or her tube.  
    1. Only defending players are allowed to tackle
    2. Tackling can only occur when the offensive player has clear possession of the ball
    3. Tackling can only be done tube-to-tube meaning the defender cannot leave his/her innertube to tackle
  7. When the ball goes out of bounds a free throw from the same point the ball went out awarded to the opposing team. Player nearest to where the ball goes out takes the throw.
  8. After a goal the ball is returned to the scored upon goalie, and play is resumed when the goalie puts the ball in play.


Fouls result in the ball changing possession. When an infraction occurs, a player calls “foul” and then the ball is given to the opposite team player closest to the ball. Play resumes when the ball is passed – no direct shots on net are permitted after a change of possession resulting from a foul. All shots on net, immediately after a foul, must be indirect.
Infractions include the following:

  • Pushing off of the wall or another player with or without the ball.
  • Holding onto pool wall while in possession of the ball- this includes the goalie.
  • Holding the ball under water.
  • Goal tender throwing the ball more than half the length of the pool.
  • Offensive player within the goal keeper's area.
  • Tackling a player who is not in possession of the ball
  • Offensive players tackling defensive players to remove the defence  and/or clear the path to the goal
  • Holding, pushing, hitting, or jumping on, any player at any time.
  • Goal keeper holding on to the side of the pool while catching or passing the ball.
  • Tipping an opponent out of his tube immediately after a score – this is unsportsmanlike and unsafe!

If an offensive player is fouled inside the goalie zone while controlling the ball a penalty throw is awarded to the offensive team. The fouled player must be the player to take the penalty throw. All players except the goal keeper must leave the goalie zone until the throw is taken. No player may be within 3 feet of the thrower. Should the penalty throw be missed, the ball is a free ball and continues in play.

Goalies and The Goalie Zone:

  • The Goalie Zone is defined as the 5 feet immediately in front of the goal, spanning the entire width of the pool.
    • Goalies cannot leave the Goalie Zone (cannot go past the goal line, 5 ft in front of the goal).
    • Goalies may travel as far as they like along the goal line width wise but in lateral movement only, within the Goalie Zone  – goalies cannot play up.
  • The goal tender may not throw the ball more than half the length of the pool at any time.
  • The goalie may NOT leave his/her innertube when trying to make a save.  If the goalie leaves his/her innertube AND the ball goes in the net, the goal counts. 
  • The goal tender must sit in a horizontal position inside the innertube.

3. Post-Game – Score Reporting, Spirit Points, Departure

Score Reporting:  Captains from each team are responsible for reporting or confirming game scores within 48 hours of the completion of the game.   Scores can be reported or confirmed via our website at

Spirit Points: Captains are also responsible for submitting a “Spirit” score for the opposing team each week.  This is done when the score is reported or confirmed on the FCSSC website.  Spirit points allow you to score your opponent based on your experience playing against them.  You can score them based on how fun they were to play against, did they show good sportsmanship, did they follow and know the rules, did they arrive on time etc.   All teams should shoot for PERFECT Spirit Points! 

Departure:  Each week after your game, it is important to leave the pool in a timely manner.   Teams could be playing after you and will need to get their game started on time.   It is also possible that the facility could be closing upon the completion of your game and all staff and FCSSC members will need to depart the building at that time.  

A PDF Copy of the Rules can be Downloaded here.



All games will be played at the indoor pool located at the Bob Hayward YMCA on Hamilton Rd.