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FALL 2021 League Details:
REMEMBER: Registration Deadline for FALL 2021 leagues is Sunday, September 26th!

Payment must be received in full by the deadline to secure a spot in the league/program of your choice!
FCSSC offers 3 ways to play:
1) Register a full team. 
2) Register as an individual & we will place you on a team with other individuals.
3) Register as a small group (register as an individual & request to play with friends. We will place you & your friends on a team with other individuals or small groups).

Safe Play

All participants must comply with FCSSC's Safe Play Guidelines. Please read before registering.

What to Expect

This FCSSC sport mixer is back by popular demand. It's the perfect league for players who appreciate that variety really is the spice of life!

Players in this co-ed league are a mix of new and experienced players, with diverse sport experience, all playing with a for-fun attitude.

Weeks 1-8 members will play a different sport each week. Sports played could be any of the following: Court Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Basketball, Bootball, Flag Football, Ultimate, Badminton, Pickleball, Benchball, Handball, Broomball and more. Other sports may be added/swapped/rescheduled at FCSSC's discretion (member suggestions welcome).

Playoffs are back this season for the final 2 weeks of the league! Sports played during playoffs will be randomly selected by the FCSSC team and will be a surprise to members when they arrive at the gym.

Score reporting and standings will be kept and League Champions will be celebrated! As always, we will also present the Steam Whistle Spirit Award at the end of the season!

Self-officiated play governed by FCSSC’s unique Spirit Point System.

League Dates

Starts: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021
Ends: Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
All games played on Wednesday*.

Should make up games be required for any reason they will be played as double-headers, with as much notice as possible.

Total Weeks

10 weeks

Game Times

Games could start as early as 6pm and as late as 9pm. Schedules will be equalized throughout the season.
All games are 55 minutes.


Team: $890
Individual: $115

More Details

Click the SPORT INFO, RULES & LOCATION tabs (scroll up!) for many more details about this league/program, including equipment requirements and play spaces.

Skill Level Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Recreational :
  • Team : $890.00
  • Individual: Sold Out

Prices before taxes

Sport Info

Spirit of the League This is a RECREATIONAL, FOR FUN, league.
League Format

Each week, teams will play a team sport against one opponent. 55 minutes is allocated for each game.

Number of people on the court

4-6 depending on the game.

Recommended Roster Size

9 players max. Due to the co-ed nature of the league, we suggest at least 3 males and 3 females (do as you please with the rest!) on your team.


All sport equipment will be provided by FCSSC and sanitized/disinfected before, during and after play.

Age & Waivers

All players MUST be 19 years of age or older, no exceptions.
All players MUST sign our waiver before playing, no exceptions. Signing the waiver on-line is super easy, just follow the steps during registration & checkout.




     All Sorts of Sports Rules  

1. Pre-Game – Spirit Points, Equipment, Game Time, Defaults, Fields

Play that is competitive, overly aggressive, rough and/or unsportsmanlike such as pushing, shoving, elbowing, shouldering, tripping, hacking, slashing, sliding, tackling, ball blasting, chirping, name calling, threats and intimidation, is prohibited and will not be tolerated by FCSSC.  FCSSC IS FIRST-AND-FOREMOST-FOR-FUN. ANY ROUGH OR PHYSICAL PLAY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE GAME, THE LEAGUE, THE CLUB AND/OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.  All players should go out of their way to avoid contact with other players and/or eliminate actions or behaviours that could jeopardize player safety.  If accidental contact occurs it is expected that players will apologize for that contact, ensure everyone is alright and stop the game to seek appropriate help as required.  THIS RULE SUPERSEDES ALL OTHERS!

Spirit Points: An integral part of all the sports that the Forest City Sport & Social Club offers. It is based on the primary focus of the FCSSC, which is sportsmanship and to have FUN...NOT on competitive and aggressive sport. 

Equipment/Set-Up: FCSSC Game Coordinators will provide all equipment for each game.  Teams are welcome to bring their own balls for warm-up and practice.  In addition, FCSSC’s Game Coordinator will keep score when possible (ie. Only one game in the gym at a time).  If the FCSSC Game Coordinator is unable to keep score, we ask that each team select a player to assist in keeping score. Each team should bring both light and dark coloured shirts to each and every game.

2. In Game – General Rules

FCSSC Game Coordinators will highlight the main rules for each sport on the night it is being played.

*Please review rules associated with each sport prior to each game.

3. Post-Game – Score Reporting, Spirit Points, Departure

Score Reporting:  Captains from each team are responsible for reporting or confirming game scores within 48 hours of the completion of the game.   Scores can be reported or confirmed via our website at

Spirit Points: Captains are also responsible for submitting a “Spirit” score for the opposing team each week.  This is done when the score is reported or confirmed on the FCSSC website.  Spirit points allow you to score your opponent based on your experience playing against them.  You can score them based on how fun they were to play against, did they show good sportsmanship, did they follow and know the rules, did they arrive on time etc.   All teams should shoot for PERFECT Spirit Points! 

Departure:  Each week after your game, it is important to leave the court in a timely manner.   Teams could be playing after you and will need to get their game started on time.   It is also possible that the facility could be closing upon the completion of your game and all staff and FCSSC members will need to depart the building at that time. 


This league will play at the London Christian High at 24 Braesyde Ave. The school is located in east London, easy to cycle to, along main streets/paths, on the bus route, with ample free parking. Additionally, we may use additional TVDSB schools, YMCA or City of London gyms when LCH is not available.

***Location information is as known at time of posting.  Locations are subject to change at any time. Additional locations may be added to accommodate demand.***