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"There's a reason that Tennis starts with Love." ~Unknown

WINTER 2021 League Details:
REMEMBER: Registration Deadline for WINTER 2021 leagues is January 4, 2021!

Payment must be received in full by the deadline to secure a spot in the league/program of your choice!

Safe Return to Play

All participants must stay 6 feet apart at all times, including before, during and after play.

All participants are asked to view the Total Tennis facility safety video HERE.

London Middlesex Health Unit (LMHU) requires that masks be worn when in indoor, public spaces. For this reason, all participants must wear a face mask upon arrival and up to the start of class/play, then immediately after class/play until you have exited the building.

Masks are not required during play, however, they must be worn anytime a player is on the sidelines for breaks or waiting for their turn in the rotation.

The facility and FCSSC's Game Coordinator will have hand sanitizer available. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer.

All participants are asked to bring their own racquet, towel and water bottle. No sharing.

All other Safe Return to Play Guidelines must also be followed. Please read

What to Expect DOUBLES play. Individual and team sign up welcome. Individuals will be partnered up and will play with that partner for the season.

This league is intended for players who feel confident in their ability to rally. Registrants are asked to have some skill & experience.

If you would like Tennis Instruction, consider signing up for FCSSC's Tennis Lessons & league program.

League Dates

Starts: Sunday, January 10, 2021
Ends: Sunday, March 14, 2021
No Games February 14th (Family Day Long Weekend)

Total Weeks

9 weeks

Lesson Times 3:30pm and 4:30pm start times. All games are 55 minutes long. Schedules will rotate and be equalized.

Individual: $115
Doubles Team: $230

Location All sessions will take place at the Total Tennis London campus at Greenhills Golf Club


Please review our refund policy here before completing your registration.



Skill Level Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Open :

Prices before taxes

Sport Info

Spirit of the Program Best suited for players who are confident in their ability to rally. Some skill & experience please. No instruction provided, just recreational matches/league play.

League Size

A minimum 4 teams is required to run the program. Max 8 teams.


Participants must bring their own racquet, balls, water bottle and a sweat towel. No sharing.

Participant Information All paid participants will receive detailed information about the program after registration closes.
Age & Waivers All participants MUST be 19 years of age or older, no exceptions. All participants must comply with FCSSC's Safe Return to Play Guidelines for the safety of all members, staff, and facility/program providers.
All participants MUST sign a waiver before playing, no exceptions. Signing the waiver on-line is super easy, just follow the steps during registration & checkout.




       Tennis League Rules         

It is the responsibility of all players to read, understand and comply with the general rules & club policies as well as the sport specific rules. (Captains: please ensure all members of your roster review the following before participating):

Modified Score & Spirit Point Reporting
Leagues will be played “for fun” with no playoffs. Scores and standings will still appear on our website. The “Spirit Score” system for Teams is still in place to share recognition or concerns with us.  No prizing or trophies will be awarded.

About Spirit Points: Spirit points are awarded to a team from their opponent after each game to encourage sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and fair play.  Click for more information and how to properly award Spirit Points.


FCSSC's Winter tennis league will take place at TOTAL TENNIS, inside the bubble at Greenhills Golf Club.

COVID measures:
Please see their venue specific COVID safety orientation when arriving at the facility HERE.