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Tennis Lessons & League

FALL 2021 League Details:
REMEMBER: Registration Deadline for FALL 2021 leagues is Sunday, September 26th!

Payment must be received in full by the deadline to secure a spot in the league/program of your choice!
FCSSC offers 3 ways to play:
1) Register a full team. 
2) Register as an individual & we will place you on a team with other individuals.
3) Register as a small group (register as an individual & request to play with friends. We will place you & your friends on a team with other individuals or small groups).

Safe Play

All participants must comply with FCSSC's Safe Play Guidelines. Please read before registering.

What to Expect

This league is designed for newcomers to the game of tennis, and/or players who have been away from the game for some time and need a refresher.
Weeks 1 & 2: GROUP LESSONS
Players will be assigned to a group of 4ppl for a 1 hour lesson provided by a Total Tennis instructor.
Weeks 3-5: RALLY PLAY
55-minute recreational doubles matches varying week to week with either a 3:00pm or 4:00pm match time.

The league play is capped at 8 doubles teams (Click here to Request to Play on the Same team with a Friend) or 16 players total.

League Dates


Starts: Sunday, October 3, 2021
Ends: Sunday, November 7, 2021
This league WILL NOT play on Thanksgiving Sunday (October 10)

Starts: Sunday, November 14, 2021
Ends: Sunday, December 12, 2021
All lessons and play will be played on Sundays*

Sessions 1 & 2 are being offered back to back. You can sign up for both at the same time with the confidence that you can be put in a more advanced group for the second session.

Total Weeks

5 weeks total per session (2 group lessons and 3 weeks of doubles play)

Add both sessions to your cart to secure 10 consecutive weeks of tennis (4 lessons + 6 weeks of doubles play)!

Game or Lesson Times

Lessons and matches will begin at either 3pm or 4pm.


Team of 2: $420 per 5 week session
Individual: $210 per 5 week session

More Details

Click the SPORT INFO, RULES & LOCATION tabs (scroll up!) for many more details about this league/program, including equipment requirements and play spaces.

Skill Level Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Session 1 :
Session 2 :

Prices before taxes

Sport Info

Spirit of the League

Intended for beginner and/or recreational players. A mix of lessons and league play for those who want to improve their skills and enjoy a few weeks of rally play.

Please review FCSSC's Safe Play Guidelines and our Tennis Rules before registering.

League Format 2x 60 minute front loaded group lessons followed by 3 weeks of social rally play against each other team.

Number of People

8 participants or 4 teams minimum are required to run the program. 16 participants max.

Recommended Roster Size

Players can sign up as individuals (we make the pairing) or as a team of 2.


Participants must bring their own racquet, balls, water bottle and a sweat towel. No sharing. Racquet service or a sleeve of balls for rally play can be purchased from the Total Tennis clubhouse.

Age & Waivers All players MUST be 19 years of age or older, no exceptions.
All players MUST sign a TOTAL TENNIS waiver (on arrival) and a standard FCSSC waiver before playing, no exceptions. Signing the FCSSC waiver on-line is super easy, just follow the steps during registration & checkout. Total Tennis facility waivers are available HERE for print and will also be available on arrival in the clubhouse.


Tennis Rules & Regulations

Official International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules apply. ITF's simplified rules of the game are below.


Players stand on opposite sides of the court. The player who initiates the point by putting the ball in play is the server. The player who stands opposite and across from the server is the receiver.

Coin Toss/Racquet Spin

A coin toss or spin of the racquet determines who has the right to serve, receive serve or select a side of the court on which to begin play. Additionally, the winner of the toss or spin can defer the decision to the opponent and allow them to choose his/her preferences. If the choice of service or receiver is chosen by the winner of the coin toss or racquet spin, the opponent gets to choose which side of the court to start on.

Rules of Service

  • The match begins with the server. For the first point, the server must stand behind the baseline on the right side of the center hash, which is considered the deuce court.
  • The server must stand and serve from the boundaries of the singles court (or within the doubles court if playing doubles).

  • Even-numbered points are played from the deuce court and odd-numbered points are played from the advantage court, or left side, of the center hash.

  • The server cannot serve a ball until the receiver is ready and the receiver is supposed to play at the server's pace.

  • Serves from the deuce court have to land in the deuce court in the opponent's service box.

  • Serves from the advantage court have to land in the advantage court in the opponent's service box.

  • If the server misses the target twice he or she loses the point.

  • If the ball hits the net and goes in the correct service box, a "let" is called and another serve is granted. If a let occurs on a second serve, it remains second serve.

  • If the server steps on the baseline before contact is made — this is called a “foot fault” — the serve is deemed a fault. If a foot fault occurs on a second serve, the server loses the point.


The receiver is considered ready if an attempt is made to return the opponent's serve. The receiver can stand anywhere on the court, but must let the ball bounce in the service box before attempting to return the serve. If the opponent strikes the ball before the ball bounces on a serve, the server is awarded the point.


  • Calling out the score before the point begins is not mandatory, but is encouraged to limit any confusion or conflict.

  • The server calls out his/her score first, followed by the receiver's score.

  • Love means zero in tennis and indicates the player referenced has a score of "0".

  • The first point won earns a score of 15. (For example, if the server won the first point, the score would be 15-0 or 15-Love).

  • The second point won by either player is called 30.

  • The third point won is called 40.

  • If a score of 40-40 is reached, the score is called "deuce," and should be called out as such, as opposed to 40-40 or 40-All. Once a game goes to deuce, one player must win two consecutive points in order to win the game.

  • Advantage-In (Ad-in) indicates that if the server wins the next point, he/she wins the game. Advantage-Out (Ad-Out) indicates that if the receiver wins the next point, he/she wins the game.

Net and Boundary Rules

  • Except on the server's first service attempt, any player that hits the ball into the net loses the point.

  • If a shot lands outside of the boundaries of the court, the player loses the point.

  • If the ball hits the net during the point and lands in the boundaries of the opponent's court, the ball is considered live and in play.

  • A ball struck that hits the line is considered in.

  • If at any time during a point, a player touches the net, hits a ball which bounces on his/her side before going over the net, or hits a ball that makes contact with object's that are not part of the tennis court such as a ceiling or bench, that player loses the point.

  • If a ball touches an opponent, the point is awarded to the player that hit the ball.

  • If a player is not sure whether a ball landed in or out of bounds and cannot make a definite call, the ball is considered to be in.

One Bounce Rule

A player must hit the ball before it bounces twice on his side. If the player cannot make contact with the ball within two bounces, a "not up" is called and the point is awarded to the opponent.

How to Win and Tie Breaks

A tennis match generally is played best two out of three sets. A set is awarded to a player after winning six games by more than two games. If players are tied, 6-6, a seven-point tie-breaker is played, during which the server begins service from the deuce court and only serves one point. After the first point of the tie break, each player serves two consecutive points. As a result, the first of the two service points will always occur in the advantage court and the second starts from the deuce court. After every six points, players switch sides of the court. The winner of the tie-break is the first to win seven points by more than two points.

Swing Away

It’s crucial to understand the rules of the game before you go out and hit, but if the regulations seem complex and overwhelming to you, don’t fret. You don’t need to bring a copy of the rulebook onto the court in order to have fun. Once you become comfortable running around the court and swinging a racquet, you’ll understand why certain rules were implemented and the game will become more natural to you.


FCSSC tennis lessons and league experience will take place with TOTAL TENNIS at Greenhills Golf Club. Members must complete the COVID safety orientation when arriving at the facility.