COVID-19 League Changes

FCSSC has made a number of changes to the format of our leagues in order to comply with Ontario's COVID-19 Response Framework requirements, and to ensure the safety of our members & staff at all times. Emphasis in all our leagues is currently being placed on FOR FUN and SAFE PLAY as we ascend out from the pandemic safely together.

All players must read the following BEFORE PLAYING.

FCSSC Team & Player Requirements
As part of our Safe Return to Play we’re focusing on the safety of our members & staff, and leaning into the FOR-FUN & SAFE PLAY nature with FCSSC.

Please BE KIND & RESPECTFUL, always, to other members & staff when playing with us. Everyone has had a different experience with COVID and we need to be considerate of others’ realities. FCSSC’s mandatory COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines were established to ensure everyone’s safety. A zero-tolerance policy remains in place for those who fail to follow the rules.  


  • Leagues will be played FOR FUN and bragging rights! We’ll keep scores & standings but there will be no playoffs, no prizes.  
  • The “Spirit Score” system remains in place. Bragging rights will not be awarded to any team with less than near perfect Spirit Points. We WILL present the STEAM WHISTLE SPIRIT AWARD this season, as usual.
  • Leagues will be played in smaller pools to keep your play bubble under 50 throughout the season (consistent with Ontario's COVID-19 Response Framework requirements).  More details below.
  • Each pool will be confined to a limited number of facilities (consistent with Ontario's COVID-19 Response Framework requirements). Very few facilities are being permitted for play, however FCSSC's positive community reputation has secured enough to continue to function as the leading adult, recreational multi-sport league provider. What is offered is what we’ve got to work with and we will continue to grow this facility list as the year progresses.
  • All leagues will have an even number of teams. No bye weeks, no double-headers.
  • Game times will be adjusted/staggered at all facilities where entry & exit are confined to ensure safe traffic flow. Please enter and exit promptly, sanitized and masked for everyone's safety.
  • To ensure that as many people as possible who want to play for fun, including non-binary players, are given that opportunity this season, some rosters maybe not be co-ed. Though we expect all leagues to be co-ed and inclusive, keeping with the FOR-FUN value, teams will not default if they don't comply with traditional gender minimums.
  • Players are asked to compete with a “Play On” mentality. Be super-honest about fouls and please do not argue or dispute the calls that others make. Screaming or shouting on or off the field is never tolerated and is also advised against by the health unit due to added airborne COVID-19 risk.
    • In the spirit of "FOR-FUN" play, it is recommended that concerns over repetitive rule or safety violations should be raised to a game coordinator by Captains and/or Team Health Ambassadors only.
  • No Spectators are allowed under any circumstance. Members/players and staff are the only people permitted at game locations.


  • Each League will be broken out into pools and teams will only play against other teams within the same pool. Ontario's COVID-19 Response Framework currently requires that pools CANNOT EXCEED 50 PARTICIPANTS.
  • Roster sizes will be limited to ensure that no more than the maximum number of participants are rostered among all teams within a pool.
    • For example, Flag football will have a max roster of 12 players. There will be 4 football teams in a pool. 12 players on 4 teams = 48 participants < 50
  • Team Captains are responsible for complying with roster limits when recruiting their team.
  • Subs are NOT permitted. Captains can however formally add members to maximize their roster spots at any time through the website. The new team member must sign the waiver and read the Safe Return to Play Guidelines. Only rostered players can play this season. NO MORE THAN THE ROSTER LIMIT is allowed to be present at the game location at one time.
    • For example, your volleyball team has 7 players with a roster limit of 8. A friend wishes to join part way through the season - the captain can ADD that 8th player to the roster mid-season and the 8th player can finish the season with the team keeping the total pool bubble under 50. Please inform the game coordinator when intending to make such a change.
  • Team Captains or Health Ambassadors must keep a record of who attends each game for their team, for the purpose of contact tracing, if needed.
  • Teams will be chosen at random for each pool.


  • All players must read and follow the posted FCSSC Safe Return to Play – Player Guidelines
  • Players must complete all requirements of being added to the team roster, including signing (in electronically or in print) the FCSSC waiver and agree to the “Safe Return to Play Guidelines” before participating.  All players must be 19 years of age or older – no exceptions.
  • Teams with players who have not signed the waivers will not be allowed to play until all players on the roster have signed the waiver.
  • Game day wellness checks aka “COVID-19 Self Screening” must be completed by all players prior to participation.
  • Players must maintain physical distancing of 2-meters before, during and after all activities.  This includes arriving on-site, playing the sport, resting/sitting on the sidelines, and departing the game.
  • Members must comply with the sport-specific rule modifications for their league.
  • All players must “play back”. Give space. Please play zone defense when able rather than player-on-player, and/or stay in your position, do not encroach on others’ play space.
  • Players must always stay within their designated bench or standing area while not on the playing surface and maintain proper recommended distancing.
    • Players with elevated breathing rates should maintain 3m or more distance from others until such a time that they regain normal breathing rates, at which they can move to the 2m safe distance guideline.


  • Players must respect and follow all posted signage at the facility including those related to self-screening, sanitation, prohibited items & actions, and traffic flow.
  • Washrooms and water stations will NOT be available at most game locations at the recommendation of the health unit.  Players should come to each game ready to play and leave immediately after the game.
  • Players must use the hand sanitizing stations at all game locations. Food is not permitted at the game locations, especially sunflower seeds and gum. No spitting permitted.


  • All teams must assign a Health Ambassador for the season.
  • The Ambassador must be a registered player and identified using the “Co-Captain” label in your online roster.
  • Teams must email the FCSSC office to confirm the Ambassador prior to your first game.  Failure to comply may suspend a team from game play.
  • The role of the Ambassador will be:
    • Keep a record of attendance at each game (shared responsibility with Team Captain).  This record may be called upon for contact tracing.
    • Ensure individual wellness checks “COVID-19 Self Screening” are completed by each player prior to each game.
    • Ask players to leave the game if they arrive showing symptoms.
    • Ensure physical distancing measures are enforced by your team.  Physical distancing of two meters is mandatory when players are arriving on-site, playing the sport, resting/sitting on the sidelines, and departing the game.
    • Ensure your team follows posted ENTER / EXIT signage at facilities (controlled traffic flow).
    • Encourage your team’s quick departure after the game is over if another game is scheduled to begin at the same play space.
    • Ensure your team is following the hand and equipment sanitization requirements for your sport.
    • Ensure all players have read and understand the following documents:
      • Safe Return to Play – Player Guidelines
      • Self-Screening Tool


  • All FCSSC Game Coordinators have been trained on the Safe Return to Play Guidelines.
  • Game Coordinators will come prepared with Personal Protective Equipment & Sanitization Kits to each activity. Training has been provided on when and how to use the kit for the sport they are overseeing. This kit is for use by the Game Coordinator only.
  • Game coordinators will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of members and staff. Please comply with their directions and requests.
  • Not all sports and/or facilities will have a Game Coordinator on-site 100% of the time.

FCSSC is committed to complying with the guidance and requirements of the government and the local public health unit.  Should it be necessary, FCSSC will pause or cancel play for a class, league or pool if required to comply with changing requirements or restrictions.