COVID-19 Impact

May 25, 2020

We hope that you, your family and your teammates are all doing well and staying connected since the arrival of COVID-19 in our community.

For an organization like FCSSC, whose purpose is bringing our members together for fun and play, these are particularly difficult times. THANK YOU so much for your patience and well wishes since FCSSC closed, temporarily, and the staff team went home nine weeks ago. As we begin a gradual return to a new normal, here's an update.

Winter & Spring League Update

Last week would have been the end of Winter & Spring leagues. We missed celebrating with our league champs at one of our partner pubs, sharing high fives and raising a Steam Whistle to the good times with great friends. To ensure that members receive value for the games lost to COVID-19...

  • We will issue pro-rated credits equal to the number of missed games, due to COVID-19, for all team and individual registrants in our Winter 2020 season.
  • We will also issue full credits to all team and individual registrants in our Spring 2020 season since none of those games were able to be played.
  • FCSSC is unable to offer refunds for Winter and Spring registrations. No exceptions.
  • Why credits, and how these credits will be calculated, processed and can be used will soon be available on our website. Stay tuned, and please be patient while we create this new functionality in our online system. Our goal is to have your credit posted on your member profile by mid-June.

Summer League Update

  • Summer registration is closed, for now, while we review and revise our leagues offerings. We fully expect that physical distancing requirements and gathering size limitations will remain in effect for the Summer and so we are reconsidering all leagues offered to ensure that these safety standards can be met before, during and after league play. Some sports can be easily modified to accommodate these requirements, like Golf and Tennis. Other sports are not so easy to adapt.  We’re consulting with experts in each sport to ensure that whatever sports we play this Summer, we can play safely, and enjoyably.
  • We will open registration for Summer leagues as we are granted permission to play each sport. Given the recent opening of golf courses and tennis courts, we are working as quickly as possible to update league plans for Golf and Tennis, as well as a few other activities. Stay tuned for more details!
  • We are patiently waiting for approval from the government and health authorities to resume playing team sports like Softball and Beach Volleyball. Once we have a return-to-play date we will adjust our Summer season schedules, game locations and pricing to reflect weeks of play, available facilities and modified roster sizes, as needed. We remain very optimistic that we will be able to return to team sport play in July. Our schedules will be determined by the permits and permissions from local government, health authorities, and facility partners to whom we’re staying very closely connected. Summer league registration for team sports will open as soon as permission to play is granted and details are confirmed.
  • We will transfer and/or refund all existing Summer season registrations. Registrants will be contacted directly when the fate of the Summer league for which they registered is known.
  • We are updating our Summer League Refund Assurance to help ease any concerns about what will happen should a second wave and/or new COVID-related cancellations impact our revised Summer season of play. 
  • We will be implementing a new set of Safe Return to Play Guidelines, in general and for each sport, to ensure the protection of all members and staff. These protocols will include, but are not limited to, rule changes within each sport, physical distancing at all times at all game locations, use of personal protective equipment and products, and equipment sanitation.

The FCSSC office remains closed at this time, and not all members of the FCSSC team are back to work yet. For this reason, our phone lines remain closed and our response to emails and messages on socials will take longer than usual. Please look for updates from us on our website, Instagram and/or Facebook. We will post whenever new information is available.

THANK YOU so much for your understanding and flexibility, encouragement and support through these continuously evolving and challenging times. The FCSSC team is determined, optimistic and getting ready for a safe return to the courts, diamonds and fields with you.


April 23, 2020

Since March 25 FCSSC has been temporarily shutdown under the order of the Provincial Government that all non-essential businesses close to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This order was recently extended until May 6. As a result of this, and previous announcements, FCSSC league play has been paused. There will be no league play while public recreational facilities are closed. 

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We will resume play as soon as it is permitted to do so. In the meantime, and while the situation continues to evolve, FCSSC's team is safe at home and will not be making any decisions or processing any schedules changes, credits or refunds. We will update all members on our plans going forward when all non-essential businesses are permitted to resume operations, with the information and guidance that is available at that time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

FCSSC is following the guidance of these trusted resources in our community, our province and our country.

For now, we implore all members, please stay home, wash your hands, practice safe physical distancing, and stay connected to your friends and loved ones. The more diligent we are now at following the advice of our government and health care authorities, the more we will contain this virus in our community, and the sooner we will be able to play again.

We're all in this together. The team at FCSSC appreciates all that you're doing to keep each other healthy. THANK YOU and BE SAFE!  #stayhome #staywell